Mango Salsa

August 9, 2009 - One Response

mango salsa

I thought that I hate mangos, but I discovered that I just don’t like them by themselves. In my opinion, mangos should be paired with the proper ingredients to bring out their full flavor.

This salsa is sweet and tangy, and basically not at all spicy. That can, of course, be modified. Peppers that aren’t Szechuan-style are difficult to find in Taiwan so I opted to just go without for now until I find a better option.

A few notes: I opted to use grape tomatoes because the usual greenhouse tomatoes here never look as good. They were also super easy to chop up into tiny salsa-sized pieces.

This is an incredibly simple recipe. Don’t judge.

1 small red onion
1 yellow bell pepper (though I suppose you could be boring and go with green)
Cilantro (optional, but I think this is where the tang came from)
½ pound of grape tomatoes
1 medium-size mango (make sure it’s still a little firm)
salt and pepper

Finely chop the onion, bell pepper, cilantro and tomatoes. Be mindful to remove the leafy stems from the tomatoes.

Before peeling, slice the mango on each side of the core. While still in the peel criss-cross slice the meat of the mango (not the peel) then turn the peel inside out and remove the meat. It should all be in little cubes, which are perfect for salsa.

Mix all ingredients (juices and all). Add a little salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy with your favorite (or most accessible) tortilla chips.

Optional modifications:

If you like, you can add a couple of cloves of garlic. Almost any salsa is better with garlic.

For heat, add one-half to one whole jalapeno depending on the level of heat desired. If you want to go full flame, a bit of a Habanero chili would do the trick and go well with the mango.